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    Hi Folks,
    Does anyone know wher I can find the latest rbfg.exe utility from Microsoft? I have to roll out Windows onto some PCs to send to Africa and a couple of them don't have supported NICs, I was shocked to find out that the Intel PRO 100\VM NIC wasn't supported on an RBFG that I created from a Win2k3 RIS Server. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    I am almost sure that "Intel Pro 100+" will work with 100\VM.
    In any case, you should be able to use the PXE boot feature of the card.
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      No the VE inst supported. It should boot to lan by changing the boot sequence in the BIOS. We have over 100 PC's on site with Intel Pro 100VE cards installed.
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        Sure enough guys, I shouldn't have been too quick to post the question, I resolved the issue by setting the PC to boot from the LAN and the onboard PXE thing did its business, Thanks for your help anyway, it's always appreciated