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Help, tring to solve Petri's Mcse project !

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  • Help, tring to solve Petri's Mcse project !

    Hi all...
    i found on petri site his Mcse Project for self test, but i get stuck in alot of places and couldnt find proper guide or ansers to his great excercise...

    well, if anyone knows were i can get answer so i can learn from them the things i couldnt do ill be happy to know...

    16. is it shadow copy in 2003 , if so, how to activate it and give 3 daily time points...
    22. disable the Win Xp tour from Group Policy ???
    24. disable the command prompt ?! (i found only the run from start menu)
    26. how do i diasble a file from beeing run (like .bat or .pif)
    28. enable the remote assistance to all clients ( guess its GPO )

    got few more but i guess its already too much to start with.

    hope u can help, really like to solve this puzzel, im learning alot from it.



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    16) Right click the volume you want to enable it on (always works on Volume level), Go to Shadow Copies tab, highlight volume and click enable button. The settings button will let you set up a schedule. You'll need to deploy the client for your users to take advantage of it - twcli32.msi is the installer file.

    22) Can't find a specific policy to do that. Maybe a software restriction policy on tourstart.exe but I'm sure there's a more elegant solution.

    24) Group Policy - User Config -> Admin Templates -> System, setting to prevent access to the command prompt
    26) A Software Restriction policy should take care of that
    2 Have a look at User Config -> Admin Templates -> System -> Remote Assistance




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      22) Use Google Before You Post (UGBYP):

      and I don't think it was required only via GPO.

      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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        10x But even on google i check alot of pages but all of them was how to disable the tour on the local computer (useing the reg) , i want the server automaticlly disable the tour on any computer logging into the domain.