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Domain admin can't access roaming profile

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  • Domain admin can't access roaming profile

    I have a problem with a new user I have created, I have set them up with a roaming profile and they can access it fine, but if i try to browse their profile or try to assign rights to it (for other users to access it) I get a "Access is denied" error message, the file size also shows 0kb

    I have tried taking ownership before as an admin but when I do that the profile doesn't load for them, usually says something like they don't have correct rights to load the roaming profile

    All I want is for the main user (who the profile belongs to) to be able to use it, and the domain admin account to have access to it so I can set permissions for other users

    EDIT: About 20 users also login to the same profile (usually at the same time), would this be causing any problems? Better moving to a mandatory profile?

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Domain admin can't access roaming profile

    Are you using a GPO to assign the location of the roaming profile? If so, then this behavior is expected. there's a GPO setting to allow the user exclusice rights (admin denied access) to the roaming profile that is enabled by default. You have to disable this option in order for the admin to have access. The downside is that this setting takes effect for new profiles only, not existing profiles. My recommendation would be to disable the option, pull whatever you need out of the profile, delete it, and let Windows recreate it with the appropriate permissions for the user and the administrator.