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W2K3 server hangs when booting...

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  • W2K3 server hangs when booting...

    Hi everyone,

    I am dealing with a compaq proliant server with W2k3 in one of our departments. It has decided to go through all of the logging on processes except it hangs on "Loading computer settings".... I can boot into safe mode but the event viewer tells me nothing re: the error. I think it may be the scsi card??? Maybe the NIC???


    Julie B.

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    I have seen this happen with the profile becomes corrupt. Login in Safe Mode, delete the profile and reboot. See if that fixes it.
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      If its still doing this after deleting the profile boot with logging enabled and post the log.

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        I wouldn't recommend deleting the profile, rename it first then delete once your happy all is ok.


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          Thanks, but are you talking about the user profile or hardware profile. I blew away the admin profile I was using and rebooted...still takes FOREVER to log in. As a matter of fact I left it booting after 45 minutes and went home. I hope it's up tomorrow morning when I get there. What would the profile have to do with a slow bootup anyway....any more suggestions.......


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            Could be a DNS problem. Does the server point to the correct DNS servers authoritative for the AD zones ?
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              If your profile is corrupt it won't load properly and could hang your server.

              Next port of call is to check your DNS Settings.

              Is the server a DC??

              Is your DNS Server on the same site as the server??

              Does it point to the correct server for DNS resolution??

              Try using netdiag /test:dns to test your DNS server.