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URGENT! Automatic Updates in domain

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  • URGENT! Automatic Updates in domain

    Halo guys, I have a huge problem: I am trying to set up automatic update in whole domain.

    I am not using WSUS.

    I found some group policy under Computer Configuration, Adm Templates, Windows componenents, Windows update.

    Everything looked fined, but after activating options there, it activated automatic update on my server also!! Is this GP only for my Server or does it affect clients also?

    Is there anyway to activate and configure automatic windows update on all PCs in domain but ONLY on clients, not at servers!!

    Thank you for help
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    Re: URGENT! Automatic Updates in domain

    Yes, link a GPO to an OU containing only the client PCs rather than one containing all workstations and servers. NEVER put automatic updates in the default domain policy, in fact it's not really recommended to edit the default domain policy at all.
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      Re: URGENT! Automatic Updates in domain

      OK, will try that, thank you