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Setup a private w2k server netwok with domain controller and

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  • Setup a private w2k server netwok with domain controller and

    I am about to lead a group of people in a lab to setup a w2k server network with domain controller and active directory, the lab is in school environment and has its own internet connection and network connection, I have no idea of what kind of active directory forest the school has.
    what i want to do is to setup a private network with one server running w2k server and a couple of workstation with XP, this private network will not connect to school network, neither will it connect to internet.
    I have following problem:
    1. when I install w2k server on one machine which is not connect to netwok jack, it won't go through, remind me to check connect, after I connect to netwok jack, it can go through, why is this? can't I install w2k server on a standalone PC?

    2. after I install w2k server, I go ahead to config this PC to be domain controller and active directory, since this machine is still connected to network jack, other lab's machine won't work because those machine can't find DNS anymore. why is this? why is school's network so easily interrupted?

    3. what is the correct way to setup a private w2k server with a couple of computers connected each other with a switch and running its own domain controller and active directory?

    it's kind of long, thanks for reading, please help

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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    1. I'm not sure what you are seeing here. dcpromo requires network connectivity, but the OS install doesn't (last time I looked).

    2. I can only explain that if you either have DHCP running on the new w2000 box, or of the domain name or DC name is the same as an existing one. There is no good reason why you cannot have two different domains in the same network.

    3. I'm not sure what to add here. Looks like you got started well enough. Do you have a specific question?


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      Invest in a small hub/switch, DO NOT connect to the school in anyway.

      Connect all your machines to this hub/switch.

      Install Win2k Server on your machine.
      Assign your Server a static IP and point it to itself for DNS.
      Install and configure DNS first, i always find it easier doing this.
      Promote your Server to a DC.