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Cannot delete old pointer records, DNS will not update, and trouble removing old DC

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  • Cannot delete old pointer records, DNS will not update, and trouble removing old DC

    One domain controller running Windows Server 2000 SP4. DNS is active directory integrated and allowing only secure dynamic updates. Aging/scavenging is turned off. No DHCP or WINS.

    DCdiag - Passed all tests except for IISADMIN (not running this service), SMTPSVC (not running this service), and frssysvol (Error: No record of File Replication System, SYSVOL started. The Active Directory may be prevented from starting.)

    Netdiag - Passed all tests except for DNS test (passed, but says Warning Cannot find a primary authoritative DNS server for the name 'server.mydomain.'. [RCODE_SERVER_FAILURE] The name 'server.mydomain' may not be registered in DNS. Pass - All the DNS entries for the DC are registered on DNS server ''.) and the trust relationship test was skipped.

    1)In my reverse lookup zone, I have three pointer records that upon being deleted will return. Literally, you press the delete key, it's gone, refresh the screen, and the pointer records have returned. One note is that instead of these three records being listed as "computer.domain" like my other records, these three are listed as "" How can I remove these pointer records?

    2)I will add a computer to the domain and then I will look in the DNS console and there is no listing for the computer that I just added. I will then remove the client computer from the domain and add it back again, but still the DNS does not update. I will then use the ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns commands on the client, but still nothing shows up in the DNS console for the client PC. I have to manually add the host and pointer records for the client machine to show. Any ideas?

    3)There was an old domain controller on this network that failed a while back. I decided to remove all traces of the failed DC from the current DC. I used the following link to do so:

    All steps were completed successfully except for removing the failed DC from the list of Domain Controllers in the AD Users and Computers console. Upon attempting to delete the failed DC from the list, a message appears that says "The DSA object cannot be deleted." Any ideas?

    Thank You