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workstation can not join dc

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  • workstation can not join dc

    I just joined and boy do I need help. I have a local 2000 server with seven workstations. I am trying to add a new user and workstation to the server.
    The client will not join the server "server can not be found. First checked the DNS and all seems to be ok. When I do a nslookup it shows the default domain with the correct ip. I added the user and client using AD, I then configured the client as a member of the workgroup, rebooted the computer and tried to add the client as a member of the server (vvvvvv.local) I then get the message that the domain can not be found. All the other workstation are working fine.

    As I said in my new user intro I am new to windows 2000 but not new to computers in general. I hope someone can help an old retired guy trying to help a friend in his bussiness.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: workstation can not join dc

    Verify that the workstation you are trying to join to the domain is using the DC for DNS. It has to be able to find the DC before it can join the domain.

    Check that there isn't a firewall (hardware or software) getting in the way of the communication between the workstation and the DC.

    Check that the workstation can ping the DC.

    Check that the DC can ping the workstation.

    Check the event logs on the DC and the workstation for anything that might give you a clue as to why it's not working.