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    I feel rather foolish posting this, but I don't understand what is happening.

    For years two users have had access to a folder - I assigned their user accounts to the share permissions and the folder security and gave them full control - this has always worked.

    Today, I created a Global Security Group and added the users to the group.

    When I added the group to the share permissions and folder security and assigned the group Full Control, then removed the individual user accounts, they received an Access Denied message when attempting to access the share.

    They are using WinXP Pro SP3 clients to access a share on a W2k3 machine.

    I also tried creating a Domain Local Security Group, but the same problem persists.

    When I first set our domain up years ago I assigned user accounts as needed (as I did not know how best to manage this). I have created several groups and was experimenting with the first group to make sure it worked. I thought that the procedure for granting access to a share was the same regardless of whether you did it by adding a user account or a group.

    When I open the advanced properties for the share and look at Effective Permissions, the group has full control.

    Does anyone have any suggestions I can try to remedy this, please?



    I just tried creating a new share and adding a new group (of which I am the only member) to the share permissions and folder security. I removed the everyone group, and granted my new group full control, and I am denied access.
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    Re: Help with permissions

    I sorted it out.

    I had to restart my computer before I could access the newly created share.

    I thought that group permissions were applied immediately, obviously they are not. I know that user permissions are.

    Is that right? If I add someone to a group will they need to log off and log on again before they can access/not access a resource?

    If I remove an individual user account or change the access permissions, those changes are applied during the same session. If I want to remove a single account from a group membership, and I do so, will I have to wait until that person logs off and then back on again before the new access permissions are applied to the user?
    A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy