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WinXP RAS Client+Inet Conn. Sharing - Looking for expert

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  • WinXP RAS Client+Inet Conn. Sharing - Looking for expert

    Hi all!

    I have a little home network that includes currenty 2 computers: 1 - running Windows XP Pro (sp1) and 2 - Windows 98SE.

    Computer #1 has the following configuration:
    LAN1 - Internal network
    - IP: Netmask:
    LAN2 - External network (Cable TV company)
    - IP: - configured dynamically by DHCP.
    - VPN connection to ISP is established over LAN2
    Incoming Direct Serial Cable Сonnection:
    - Client gets its IP from DHCP with scope
    - Client has access to LAN.
    Internet Connection Sharing is configured with VPN connection as external network and LAN1 as internal network and enabled. Internet Connection Firewall enabled with default configuration.

    Computer #2:
    LAN - dynamically configured from ICS.

    In this configuration both computers have access to network shares and Internet.

    Incoming connection is used to connect my palmtop computer. When it is connected it has the following configuration:

    With this settings palmtop has access to network shares, can ping all network interfaces on both computers, resolve Internet addresses, but can not access to the Internet (no icmp, http, ftp, pop3, smtp etc.)

    Additional investigation of network setup of WinXP computer by mean of 'netsh' utility shows that "RAS interface is not registered in router". For Win2000 Server in such situation Microsoft proposes working solution: but for WinXP I did not find anything similar.

    Question. Is it somehow possible to configure WinXP in order to enable access to Internet via ICS for RAS client?

    Optionally... Is it possible to setup NAT in WinXP instead of ICS? At least NAT is much easier manageable than ICS...

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    As I see, the kb article use for Windows 2000 servers and not Windows 2000 Pro/XP workstation. You can use some 3 party product or use Win 2000/2003 as RRAS.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

    LinkedIn:, Blog: