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Windows 2000 GPO Issues

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  • Windows 2000 GPO Issues


    I am currently running a Windows 2000 DC and a Windows 2003 DC environment. Based on the Group Policy Management tool I only have one GPO listed for this environment. None of the items listed under the Security Settings are enabled e.g. Account Settings etc.

    However my environment still locks users out after three unsuccessful tries. The passwords have to be a certain length etc.

    Previously a second GPO was listed for the domain with No override settings attached. I accidentally deleted this GPO from the domain. However somehow I believe that this policy is still activated somewhere on the network.

    How can I find and rectify this issue.


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    Re: Windows 2000 GPO Issues

    Account lockout settings are configured in the Default Domain Policy. If you deleted this policy, you will need to recreate it in order to administer your domains password policies.

    The tool you would need to use to recreate the Default Domain Policy is Dcgpofix. This article gives an example of the syntax you would use.

    The utility should already be available in the c:\windows\system32 folder of your W2K3 DC. It will recreate the policy using the default settings.
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