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Regedit and NTP Server

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  • Regedit and NTP Server

    Hi Experts,

    While configuring ntp server, i used thee commands on dos prompt time, net stopw32time, netstart w32time

    I have no idea wot happend registery files changed from the regedit menu.

    it was like this before
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32 Time\Parameters

    but now its something liek this:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet003\Services\eventlog\W32 Time\Parameters

    Have no idea wot the heck happend and why registery move to other container..

    any idea plzzzz


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    Re: Regedit and NTP Server

    Are you sure it's not normal operation? This KB article explains the purpose of the control set subtrees.


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      Re: Regedit and NTP Server

      Whoops. Didn't notice the eventlog in there. That's not normal.


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        Re: Regedit and NTP Server

        Hi Guys thanks for the replies,

        Yes I am 120% positive for sub containers..I restarted the server last night and service which was disapperead from the services came back on the position and containers cam back again..still have no idea wot happened taht time...any way Thanks God its fine,....

        But I am still there where I was DC3 is only working with external time servers, all the users ae syncing with dc1 and dc2 which are virtual servers, and dc1 and dc2 are not syncing with external time far as I remeber there are two commands u need to apply for establishing the sync..with external time server I did this 3 years ago but can't remember and cant find those comaands ..

        any 1 know..any idea???

        Thanks Sami


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          Re: Regedit and NTP Server

          Moreover to my post...

          I have 3 DCís, DC3 is working fine but all users are getting time from DC2 and DC1 and three of them running as a time servers, if I use this command w32tm /resyncthey works and get the time from DC3 for 5 seconds only and revert back to their original time within 5 secs, and all the users are syncing with DC1 and DC2.

          I use IP adress instead of name but still the same..

          one more thing when i retsart the service on DC2 and Dc1 time chang for few seconds only and within 5 sec revert back to old time..

          Hope its all make sense...

          any idea plz????


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            Re: Regedit and NTP Server

            As far as I know (which isn't much), client computers will sync their time with the PDC emulator of the domain, so whichever DC holds the PDC emulator FSMO role is the one you'll want to sync with an external authoritative time source and all other servers should sync to it.

            Windows Time Service Technical Referance

            One thing I highly suggest for you to consider regarding the virtualization of your DC's... Computers keep their time using a hardware clock that is usually based upon the CPU frequency. In a virtualized environment, each VM is only going to 'see' a portion of the CPU, so they could be susseptible to a time drift.

            Here's a good explaination:

            You will want to make certain that the time on every DC is absolutely correct or kerberos authentication will freak out.
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              Re: Regedit and NTP Server

              Thanks Buddy,

              I tried this thing, but still the same issue...wot I did is physical server which is DC3 configure as a client, then DC configure as a client and DC1 config as SNTP server which is main DC holding FSMO's and when is restart the service time change for few seconds then went back to old time.... only server which is working fine is DC3 which is physical server...DC1 and DC2 are virtual servers... do u think virtualization could be the problem ?or both servers have kaspersky and DC3 without u think kaspersky is causing the error..?

              any idea?