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not able to login to domain whilst 2003 dc is restarting.

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  • not able to login to domain whilst 2003 dc is restarting.


    I am confused about an issue I have with the network we have.

    We still have a windows 2003 server with SP2 on the network which is a DC, over the summer we introduced 2 new 2008 DC's and gave the FSMO roles to one of the new 2008 servers. Over the half term I want to completely take this 2003 server out of business after 5 successful years of trouble free service but its proving quite a challenge.

    A bit of history about this 2003 dc.

    It was the first domain controller in the forest when the network was built from scratch over 5 years ago. It's had a number of roles these being it was an Exchange server 2003 (I know not good practise but i inherited this network in this state), printer server, dfs server, dns, dhcp and terminal server.

    So it had a lot of roles and the majority of roles have now been successfully transferred, these being print, dns, dhcp and exchange and of course the fsmo roles.

    I have now begun planning how to remove all the other roles, I am worried about taking its DC functionality off as I am not sure how the rest of the network will react as it seems a lot of services relied on this server.

    For example I began removing some old software of the server and some of the software said the server needed to be restarted, so no problem i restart the server but whilst the server was restarting I noticed that I couldn't login to any other server be it a DC or member server, our new exchange 2007 server. It came up with the standard message about password being incorrect ( I wasn't going loopy honest!! I know it was the correct password) I also noticed that some web tools we have which are in fact on linux server but use AD authentication also stopped working, same symptions with not being able to login.

    Does anyone know whats going on? I haven't taken its role of DC of yet but I am dreading it in case no one can login to the network once I have done this. I thought transferring ALL the fsmo roles to the new 2008 DC would have allievated any issues similar to this?

    Am I right in saying that what should happen is if a DC is unavailable a client can just communicate with another DC and that DC can login that client in?

    I did find this artcle and am not sure if this would resolve it

    Windows Server 2003-based domain controllers may incorrectly return the "NO_SUCH_USER (0xc0000064)" status code in response to logon requests

    The server is windows 2003 standard edition with SP2.

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: not able to login to domain whilst 2003 dc is restarting.

    You mention the FSMO roles but have either of the new 2008 DCs been made Global Catalog servers?
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