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WDR Deploying 2003 Enterprise

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  • WDR Deploying 2003 Enterprise

    I have usuccessfully tried to deploy Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Images. Service pack 2 is installed on both Server and Image. I need some help with this. Thr RIS Server is otherwise working fine. I have no problems deploying Swedish and English images of XP and 2000 Proffessional.
    After I press F12 and choose Windows Server 2003 Enterprise I come to the screen where it says that Windows Setup is starting, but nothing more is happening. After about one minute I get the dreaded blue screen. An erro message is indicating that I should disable advanced memory options like shadowing in CMOS. Anyone who has an Idea? Memory is 1 GB in the machines. I think the computers have 1.5 GHz CPU:s.
    risetup.inf is edited using Notepad. Anyone who has any ideas?