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  • Remote Access Query

    I write as an It hobbyist interested in allowing some associates to access some applications on my desktop.

    -Remote Desktop is too broad
    -Citrix is too expensive

    - I own a copy of Windows Server 2000. I also have a VPN router. Perhaps there is a way to configure these items to get the specificity I need. Additionally, could installing Server 2000 to a virtual PC on my machine be considered.

    Looking for informed guidance on how to proceed and how I can gain knowledge on this area of networking.

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    Re: Remote Access Query

    You can configure the RDP listener to run a program at start-up instead of present the desktop.

    How To: Automatically Run Programs When Users Log On to Windows 2000 Terminal Services -

    Basically what you end up with is a poor-mans Citrix that's regulated to one application. However in the past I've created an MMC snap-in that contains short-cuts to multiple applications and set that up as the program to run when the user connects. Path would be something like:

    C:\windows\system32\mmc.exe <snap-in name>.msc

    If you're really worried about security though a VM isn't a bad idea either. The only downside is you have the overhead (and licensing cost) of another OS running on the box.