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    Here's my situation, I have three DC's two running SBS Win 2008 and one running 2003. My main DC is running 2003 as it was the first DC built. It runs DNS,DHCP, Routing and AD, the other two are pretty much just fail over nodes. Now i have everything set up for fail over but the internet connection. Now my question is, do i need a physical router just for that one case of is there a better way for fail over.. Also, I have a router from my ISP but I dont belive it will do DHCP dispit the fact that it has 4 ports in the back.

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    Re: Internet Config

    Just to make sure I understand you correctly...

    You have a DC on the domain hosting the FSMO roles. As well as that, there are a pair of SBS servers.

    Is that the case? If so, your configuration isn't supported. There can be a maximum of one SBS server and that must be the "primary" DC holding all five FSMO roles.
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      Re: Internet Config

      Ah, i see. So in terms of the internet sharing it will just have to stay how is I guess. I guess its not that bad. thanks