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  • Home PC as Domain Controller


    I need to set up my home pc as a Domain Controller to do some SQL Server training.

    There are no other PCs for it to connect to.

    The PC has a fresh install of W2k Server and a SIS 900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter which has not been configured.

    I know very little about how to set up the pc as a domain controller and any help will be appreciated.


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    Got SP4 on that box?

    Then create the DC by running dcpromo (start -> run -> dcpromo). Accept all defaults. Should work on a default (clean) install.

    After completion and reboot, use the tool "active directory users & computers" to manage user accounts.

    There you are, the crash course on Active Directory!


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      Thanks for the response.

      I tried dcpromo first without SP4 (internet is down at the moment) and it didn't work. I think the error message said that it was unable to connect to DNS.

      Does SP4 make a difference?

      Also do I need to configure the network card first as it's status is currently disconnected?



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        Let me see if i can help out.

        I have noticed that your network card must be active before it will allow you to run dcpromo. So what i do is plug a network cable in and plug it into a hub that is on or a switch for that matter of fact just so that the card is active. Then run dcpromo. That should sort it out.

        Let us know how it goes.


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          Confirmed, you need a NIC with link. Sticking it into a hub will do. You don't need an internet connection. Alternatively, install the loopback adapter, allowing you to run dcpromo without any (physical) NIC.


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            I would also install and configure DNS prior to DCPROMO and remember to point your server to itself for DNS resolution.


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              I would install DNS first yes, but let DCPROMO configure it.
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                Originally posted by tonyyeb
                I would install DNS first yes, but let DCPROMO configure it.
                Each to there own m8. I never have any probs installing and configuring DNS.

                Doesn't really matter though.