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    Our Windows Server 2003 has been backed up to DAT since day one. We just learned that the tape drive is gone. I have installed an external USB drive for backup anyway. It doesn't make sense to me to replace the drive. The tapes are probably worn out, too.

    I purchased and installed SyncBack Pro to back up the data. NTBackup (I hate it for tape drives!) backups up the System State, whatever that is. Can SBP backup whatever files are necessary to rebuild the server if it crashes? What are those files? Do I need to use NTBackup and SBP?

    The server belongs to a non-profit that is suffering in the present economic environment, so any option that involves spending money is out for now. (I'm a volunteer server admin, and I'm obviously no guru, so I would appreciate your help.)

    Could someone make a recommendation for best practices for backing up this server?


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    Re: Backup Best Practices Recommendation

    Personally I wouldn't rely on SyncBack Pro in the event of a total server failure but for the day to day file backup duties it may be OK. I've never used it but it looks to be a fairly standard, low overhead, low cost backup program.

    I would recommend that you use a disk imaging program to capture an image of the hard drive at least once a month (weekly would be better) and store this on an external hard drive. Use Syncback Pro for your weekly Full file backups and your daily Differential or Incremental backups.

    Create a bootable utility CD using BartPE, UBCD4WIN, or Reatogo so that in the event of a server crash you can use the bootable CD to restore the disk image and then use SyncBack Pro to restore the latest files.

    An imaging program that I use and like is DriveImage XML.