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Limit Folder Access by computer

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  • Limit Folder Access by computer

    We have a Windows 2003 server, and would like to be able to limit access to a folder by both User and Computer. That is to say that If the user is on computer 1, or computer 2 they can have access to the folder as long as they have user rights to the folder, but if they are on computer 3, no matter what user rights they have they cannot access the folder. Also, if they have no user rights, they have no access from any computer.

    The user rights permission is easy, it is the computer rights that don't seem to work. Is this possible?


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    Re: Limit Folder Access by computer

    you could try an explicit deny for the computer object..

    or you could use a firewall filter to filter that computer out from access to file sharing ports on the server... ?

    is it only an explicit share, or all shares on the server, you don't want that computer to access, and is tihs a domain envir.?
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