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  • Advanced Server 2000 Page File

    Hi There,

    I have recently been handed a project to improve performance on a business critical IBM box running Windows 2000 Advanced server and have a question about the Page File.

    Hardware: IBM x 445
    O/S: Advanced Server 2000
    Memory: 8GB
    Processors: 8
    Application: Universe DB

    Currently the page file has been spanned accross two drives as follows:
    Drive 1 (C): Minimum: 4092 Maximum: 4092
    Drive 2 (P): Minimum: 4092 Maximum: 4092

    I tried to move the entire page file to a new partition and leave only a small one on the C drive for emergency but when i tried to set the page file minimum to 1.5 times the 8GB RAM on board (12256), windows would not allow a 5 digit number to saved.

    The PAE switch has been enabled to allow the OS to see more than 4GB memory but i was wondering if there are any other changes that need to be made before i can manually change the size of the page file to reflect a minimum of 1.5 times the RAM installed.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Thank You

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    The maximum size of a single pagefile is 4096 MB. So, for a 12 GB paging capacity you would need three pagefiles.

    Also, I'm not sure it make sense to set the pagefile larger than physical memory on a box that large. Consider how much time it will take to actually swap that much memory! Your apps will be in big trouble anyway if you need that much swapspace. Adding more memory (or moving to 64 bits, if possible) is likely more effective.