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WSUS update force without user input

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  • WSUS update force without user input

    Hi ,

    i got wsus working ok update, comptuers GPO all good.

    but I want to setup a way that computer will get update and it will install automatically and it will not pop up any msg or pop. it will do its restart when user reboot next time. Bacially i wanted everything automatic without use seeing any msg or pop's or have to do anything.

    in my WSUS GPO i have following enable

    Configure automatic updates
    Specify intranet MS update service location
    Reshedule automatic updates scheduled installations
    No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic updates installations
    Allow automatic updates immediate installation
    Do not display "install updates and shut down" (will this still install the updates?)


    this another following settings will take care of it which i did enable

    Do not adjust default option to "install updates and shut down" in shutdown doalog box.

    Will that be all?

    Another small question

    when i have my Computers option set on

    "use te update servuce console" it didn't pick up my computers but when I change it to Use GPO or registray setting pn computers it pick up the computer like magic.

    Is that normal?
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    Re: WSUS update force without user input

    I'm not 100% sure on what you're saying - it seems like a few things.

    However - my suggestion is this.
    1) Enable Automatic updates from the update services server.
    2) auto-download updates and auto-install at a scheduled time (say, 3am)
    3) displaying install-and-shutdown is ok - it will allow the users to install them when they go home rather than being done automatically. - this is a choice though. it won't prevent, or ensure, that updates are being applied automatically however.
    4) allow immediate installation - this is good. it'll apply stuff that doens't need a reboot whenever.
    5) let it automatically restart once installation is complete, else users will ring you saying"why does it want to restart"

    make sure that you notify your user base that patches are being installed manually, and that patch installation time is, for instance, Thursday mornings at 3:00am. Notify your users that they must log off on Wednesday nights, or lose work.

    do not enable "no restart for logged on user"

    I hope this helps a bit

    I can't answer your other question as I'm not fully understanding it.
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      Re: WSUS update force without user input

      My objective is to install update in the background without user notice and seeing my kind of msg or popups. when is updates installed it should not popup asking them to restart. But when the user restart manually it will go through its usual restart process,

      This is for a university and everytime a user logoff the computer actually restart that our policy that way we make sure all the computers gets the policy and updates. So our computers restarts like 50 time in one day anyways thats'y i want WSUS policy not to restart computer after the updates.

      is that gives u a better idea now?