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Microsoft Forefront Vs Symantec AV

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  • Microsoft Forefront Vs Symantec AV

    I have searched in our forums to get as much as informations about the 'subject', but only few threads about it in particular. I'm researching on the topic to get possible impacts or Pros and Cons of replacing the Symantec AV with Microsoft Forefront security application.

    What I have noticed is that Microsoft Forefront security is a brand new application or what ever we call it is. Moderators please move the thread if this is an odd subject.

    I welcome comments, suggestions good and bad

    Thank You
    Mohan Mathew[VU3MMU]
    MCITP [AD]

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    Re: Microsoft Forefront Vs Symantec AV


    A quick google suggests that Forefront client security COULD be used to replace an enterprise wide client anti-virus suite.

    However - that's as much as I've looked into it. Whether it would do the job as well, better or worse, is another issue. Whether it's suitable for your environment is another matter. Whether it may be better to compliment Symantec, I don't know.

    Give it a shot in a test environment. Deploy what you need server wise, then Install a few workstations - one with symantec only, one with forefront only, one with both.
    Create an air gap (this step is VERY important)
    then, 'release the hounds' so to speak, and see how the different products react - which get better positive rates, which get higher false positives, which lean better, which report better, which prevent better.
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