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Separating domain, How?

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  • Separating domain, How?

    We have a domain, it has 2 locations, a headquarters in Phoenix and another division in Nashville. All users login to which has a DC in Nashville and Phoenix.

    The company is separating, the headquarters in Phoenix is keeping things as they are.

    The company (division) in Nashville is separating but needs to keep the AD structure, email, etc. that is currently in place.

    Mail is on Exchange 03 with a front end server in Phoenix and a server with all Nashville users in Nashville.

    DC's are all 2003 R2.

    How do you separate off this "division" from the domain while still keeping intact the AD structure for this now separate division?

    I want to keep all of the ad structure, shares, permissions, logins, etc.

    Not sure how to do this and would like some help / advice.


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    Re: Separating domain, How?

    the Active Directory Migration Tool (or ADMT) would be perfect for your situtation.

    Search for the ADMT Migration Guide and have a read. It's about 250 pages or so, and it'll tell you all about how to do intra- and inter-forest migrations, including separations...

    Some suggestions:
    Do full backups before you start. Test them. Know how to use them. Know when to use them.
    Ensure replication is up and running.
    Groups first, then computers, then profiles, then users.
    Memberships of inbuilt groups do NOT migrate over so you need to keep a record of that.

    This isn't something you walk into and do blindly (and lets face it, I do many things like that) - byut requires careful planning and preparation, as well as an outage window incase it goes wrong.
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