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2003 server vpn problem

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  • 2003 server vpn problem

    Greetings I need some help with the following.

    I have setup a vpn on 2003 server, I can connect to it internally ok however it is not connecting externally. I have opened protocol ID 47 and port 1723, I used pptpsvr and pptpclnt and the connection is working fine.

    So I assume its something to do with the external interface as internally it is connecting, I have just set it up using default config and tried changing a few settings but no luck.

    any help appreciated


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    Re: 2003 server vpn problem

    from outside the firewall:

    Can you telnet to port 1723 and port 47 ?

    you're definitely using PPtP and not L2TP ?
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      Re: 2003 server vpn problem

      What is the error?
      does it have some explanation?
      what type of device you are using?
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