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Windows Update Killed my server

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  • Windows Update Killed my server

    Well almost.

    I installed the windows updates on our two servers (1 x32 Server 2003, 1 x64 server 2003) this evening. The x64 server was no problem installed reboot and up it came.

    The x32 initially had a network connection then nothing. It down boot but it doesn't go on the network and it allow conections.

    DHCP, DNS are stopped and won't start. The Antivirus is down. dsm_om_connsvc32.exe was causing problems and was disabled. I've removed the NDIS drivers (they weren't funtioning properly) .

    When I start the server it goes through the normal startup then gets to the nextwork connections. I can ping the server and get a response. After a couple of minutes the ping dies.

    I have the System and Application eventlogs and they look like a bloodbath.

    I'm starting to get slightly panicky because everyone will be in tomorrow and they won't be able to log in.

    Sorry if this is a bit disjointed and confusing but I'm tired and ready to go home.

    If anyone can shed any light on this.



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    Re: Windows Update Killed my server

    Can you remember which updates you installed on the 2003 server?

    Can you give us a bit more detail of your setup, as that may enable us to provide more specific suggestions. In particular, what you have running on the two servers, indications of what errors you're seeing in event viewer and as much detail as possible about what you've already tried.

    Presumably this is in a domain situation and the x86 server is your DC (or one of your DCs)?

    Worst case scenario, when was the last backup taken that you could recover from?

    9 times out of 10, something like this will be something so incredibly simple, it wouldn't be something you'd usually think to look at. So best advice I can give you is not to panic. Easy for me to say, I know, but we've all been there
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      Re: Windows Update Killed my server

      The updates installed were the 5 September updares rollout by MS this week. I think they are KB171961, 956844, 973812, 967723 and 970710. KB968816 had the same date (yesterdays) as the other updates but wasn't listed on the MS updates site.

      OK system setup.

      Main server (the one thats down) is the main login/data server for the company. It's the primary DHCP, DNS, WINS etc server (setup by external company last year) The only thing it runs apart from Windows server stuff is backupexec 12 quickstart edition.

      Both servers are Dell poweredge 2900 with three RAID arrays. 1st array is the system drive (C RAID1. 2nd array is RAID1 (Users home drive, profiles on Main login server) (Exchange 2007 transaction logs on 2nd Server) 3rd array is RAID5 and is used for company data on main server and Exhange databases on 2nd server.

      Both servers use Broadcomms BACCS (SP) network teaming software to load balance etc the two NICs.

      Second server runs Exchange 2007, Blackberry Professional Server, and is the backup DNS, DHCP, WINS etc.

      Brain is a bit foggy but I'm sure server 1 is the Global Catalog.

      I removed the updates installed and rebooted, no difference, I then check the device manager and the Panda NDIS drivers was causing problems for the two NICs and Teamed connection. I disabled those and rebooted. No change. I removed the team and uninstalled the NICs. Rebooted and let the system install teh NIC drivers again no difference. I have rebooted in safe mode with networking.

      What I find confusing is that the network starts and I can ping (continuous ping) the server IP address and name won initial startup. After a couple of minutes the ping dies. It takes about 5 minutes to get past Preparing Network connections.

      I've created two spreadsheets with the event since the updates were installed and links to the event log files themselves. Hopefully that will help.

      They uploading now (11/09/[email protected]:04)

      Thanks for any assistance.