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Safe mode on Win2K3 Server

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  • Safe mode on Win2K3 Server

    Hello all,

    I'm having this problem I can't solve.
    I installed Win2K3 Server (EN), Standard Ed., on Supermicro Xeon rack server with 2 Gb ethernet controlers. So far, so good.
    After that I installed an application developed by our company and it worked just fine.
    I then installed Service Pack 1, EN, and my app stopped working!! It generates an error, the kind that brings up the error reporter.
    If I boot Win in Safe Mode, it works, so my questions is:

    What services / drivers DON'T boot in safe mode?

    Thank you all.


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    Well since Safe Mode doesn't load much the list of what is loaded is much shorter than what isn't.

    Originally posted by Daniel Petri
    Essential drivers and system services enabled in safe mode include the following:

    Drivers for serial or PS/2 mouse devices, standard keyboards, hard disks, CD-ROM drives, and standard VGA devices. Your system firmware must support universal serial bus (USB) mouse and USB keyboard devices in order for you to use these input devices in safe mode.

    System services for the Event Log, Plug and Play, remote procedure calls (RPCs), and Logical Disk Manager.

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      Thank you ahinson,

      But I guess that way i'll never find what is messing with my app.
      I don't know what else can I do, except uninstall SP1

      Thank you again.