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    One of our clients has reported that their users are receiving "terminal services warning your terminal services temporary license will expire in 3 days. Please contact your system administrator to get a permanent license"

    I've found this link to be very helpful so far in reaching the following understanding:

    The TS Licensing mode is currently set to 'per device'
    The Licensing server has 20 per-user CALS.
    Therefore, the Terminal Server will be issuing temporary licenses.
    If we change the TS Licensing mode, it's one way.

    We could buy them more per-device cals (can you still buy them ?) - they are on an open license agreement.

    would the best way forward be to change the TSS Licensing mode, or just buy licenses ?
    I suppose I'd need to find out how many users htey actually have that need to access this esrver...
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