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  • Boot from the mirror

    Good morning all. I have a new server that I am setting up. Windows 2003 and 8 drives.

    Drive 0 has my windows install on it. I used disk managment to create a mirror and the Resynching matched the drives and they are indicated as healthy. is where I got the information on mirroring drive 0 to drive 1 to have two copies.

    If I shutdown the computer and remove drive 0, drive 1 does not take over and boot up. The computer just sits their after the RAID starts up and checks the drives.

    If I put disk 1 into disk 0 slot in the server, unit does not load windows that way either. With both drives in their correct slots, the boot up will stop at the screen where I get to pick the Windows 2003 or the Mirror choice. If I remove drive 0 it does NOT get that far.

    What am I missing to allow the mirror to take over and let windows boot from that.

    PS - Dell Poweredge 2970 is the computer.

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    Re: Boot from the mirror

    If it hangs up during POST when you remove a drive then the problem is at the hardware level. What messages are on the screen? I've never tried what you're doing so I'm not sure what a PE2970 will do with a drive removed.


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      Re: Boot from the mirror

      Well here is some more info to help out.

      I followed these directions to make a bootable floppy.

      I removed drive 0 (the original windows) and put drive 1 into drive 0's slot, booted off of the floopy disk and I got to load windows from the mirrored copy.

      Only issue is now that the ONLY way that the system boots is to do it based on the floppy....

      I guess I need to know who to tell the system that it should now boot back from the harddrive and not expect a floppy disk any more.

      Does that help Joe? When it hangs is right after the attempt to boot from the NIC and the next step is when it "should" boot from the harddrive.



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        Re: Boot from the mirror

        Problem solved with hardware closed.