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trust between 2003 domains

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  • trust between 2003 domains

    I have 2 windows 2003 domains, one called ABC.local and the other called HPL.local. Each DC runs it's own DNS server. They are currently both on the same site but each runs in its own subnet. Please don't ask why. (the previous guy set it up). Users from one subnet need to access files on the other domain and vice versa.

    I would like to keep the 2 domains separate but allow users to access files across the domains. Would someone be able to advise what would be the best way to do it and if so, how.

    I was thinking along the lines of a 2 way trust... as in the old NT days.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


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    Re: trust between 2003 domains

    As they are both Windows 2003 domains and providing only 2003 DCs or later are installed, you can ensure that the Domains and Forests are in Windows 2003 native mode and then use a Forest Trust.