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BSOD - config\software - Registry corrupt

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  • BSOD - config\software - Registry corrupt


    We have an old DC running on Server 2000 and it recently crashed, it's from our old domain so we really don't use it that much in order to do our day to day production since we have moved to a new domain and change DNS and logins to our new DC.

    However we still run one app that is set on our old DC and I would like to be able to get it started.

    I was going to replace the software file under C:\winnt\system32\config with the one I have under c:\winnt\repair but I can not delete/rename the software file. When I do a "dir" under the config folder, I can see there the file has not attributes and no file size. I tried to and an attribute but I am unable to do that as well.

    Any ideas on how to remove/replace this file?


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    Re: BSOD - config\software - Registry corrupt

    That sounds like filesystem corruption.

    What was the BSOD? Check the state of the RAID controller, the array and the disks in the array.

    I'd suggest the best bet would be to reinstall the server and recover what you need from a backup.

    You might be able to try repairing the existing installation - no guarantees though.
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      Re: BSOD - config\software - Registry corrupt

      the stop error is:

      systemroot\system32\config\software registry file failure
      Registry cannot load the hive file.

      I did a rebuild on both controllers and they are checking out fine. I don't want to have to rebuild, but I guess if I can delete the software file, I have no choice.