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multiple domain email server with multiple nics in DMZ

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  • multiple domain email server with multiple nics in DMZ

    Hi all,

    Please excuse my explanation if it is not clear what I am asking!

    We run 5 different email domains from one server for our various websites and our parent company. They are quite small usage in the scale of email servers these days, about 10K messages in total a year per user.

    In order to improve our success in getting past the ever increasing spam filters we wanted to get each email domain reflecting its name in reverse DNS lookups and also keep our mass mailings (not spam all opt in) on a seperate IP as when people mark these as spam you can end up getting temporally banned from AOL, yahoo etc.

    So we now have a group of public IPs and the same original IP set as the router IP (its a draytek vigour). Each new public IP has been assigned the correct domain name for rDNS lookups and using the draytek has been assigned to a local IP in the DMZ (the only way you can get traffic from those machines to reflect the new public IPs when it leaves the network).

    Each of these IPs is in fact assigned to a nic within the same server, each of these local IPs being bound to the email domain within the email server.

    I was hoping that when you logged on to the correct IP via email then mail would be reported as ocming from the public IP address that corresponded to that local IP, however if I set up the NICs in the DMZ with the same internal gateway as the LAN machines all traffic reports as coming from the lowest public IP in the range. If I set up the NICs with the gateway as the router rather than the DC then all traffic shows our original public IP that belongs to the router.

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can set up this to work on one machine so that the correct public IP is reflected in traffic leaving each NIC, or do I need seperate or virtual servers to achieve this.

    Thank you.
    Rolf Herbert