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Remote Desktop Web Connection query

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  • Remote Desktop Web Connection query

    To service those of our staff that want to work from home, we are trying to implement Remote Desktop Web Connection on one of our Terminal Servers, a Windows 2003, Standard Edition, R2 64 bit with SP2 applied.

    The problem is the listening port 3389 is blocked by our ISP. We also have our own firewall so we could translate the port. That may be our best solution since we would like to keep the listening port at 3389 for all our in-house users.

    We have read how you can change the RDWC listening port by adding a line to C:\Windows\system32\web\tsweb and that you would then access it via the address https://x.y.z/tsweb:newport. But since we want to keep in-house RDC at 3389 then could we just translate newport back to 3389 at our own firewall.

    Might this work. Do you have any other ideas?...Thanks

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    Re: Remote Desktop Web Connection query

    I think you already have the answer. Your options are:

    1. Change the port number the servers are listening on (not what you would like, and you know how to do that already)

    2. On your firewall, translate port X to 3389 (I know this as "Port Forwarding") which keeps the listening port the same, but your users will have to RDP to the new port

    3. Ask your ISP to unblock 3389

    Don't forget you can also opt to instruct your users to run the command line (another approach to using web) as per:

    mstsc /v:your-public-ip-address
    and if you change the port number then use this command

    mstsc /v:your-public-ip-address:portnumber
    You may find that an easier way to distribute a shortcut with the new port number included in the command.
    Best wishes,
    MCP:Server 2003; MCITP:Server 2008; MCTS: SBS2008


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      Re: Remote Desktop Web Connection query

      OK I tried to get RDWC working by redefining the listening port since our ISP has 3389 blocked but I could not get it to work.
      So I Googled some more and found gtOrenoPC and it sounds just what we need as it tunnels port 3389 over 443.
      Has anybody got gtOrenoPC working such that IIS is sending the TSWeb component via gtOrenoPC. We already have a commercial secure certificate installed via IIS and I would like to keep that if possible. How do I tell gencert about that (i.e. not certain if I have to run gencert -gen -99 -f or some other options on gencert).


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        Re: Remote Desktop Web Connection query

        Did you see this article??