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Offline files in terminal session

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  • Offline files in terminal session

    Hi, i know it is not possible to sync offline files via remote sesssion but any one here know work around for it. registery setting hklm\software\ms\winnt\currentver\winlogon did not help. Some of my remote users log on to terminal server and edit their documents. We want to enable offline files for them so their documents can be updated. Is any one know alternative.

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    Re: Offline files in terminal session

    Think about it. Could a user ever be connected to the TS to work on their offline files if the TS is offline? No, that's why it's not possible. Can you tell us what you're trying to accomplish and maybe we can come up with a solution. Tell us your scenario for why you want them offline.


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      Re: Offline files in terminal session

      See when user log on to network, his files and folder sync if offline folder is enabled. Same way I want if user is connecting to network by using RDP his files should sync. Is it achievable?


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        Re: Offline files in terminal session

        No, that is not a supported function of RDP. Perhaps you're confusing RDP with VPN?

        RDP is purely used to logon interactively to a remote computer - albeit with some sharing of data such as clipboard sharing or connecting local printers.
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