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getting empty desktop

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  • getting empty desktop


    after login to windows server 2003 r2 i get empty blue desktop(not blue sceen with error)

    it happened when i try to login localy(local admin)or with domain admin(olso through rdp)
    i cannot right click,but can do alt+ctrl+del.

    i see the proccess explorer.exe(i try to close and start the service again but no good.i also copied the explorer.exe from another server and replase the one on the server,then restart but still no good.

    i didnt see any error on the event.

    anyone have an idea?


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    Re: getting empty desktop

    It may be a corrupt profile. Try renaming the ntuser.dat file of the users in question and then logging in again. Of course, you'll have to change one user's ntuser.dat file using another user's account otherwise the file will be locked in use. If that fails, rename the entire user profile folder (like [userprofilename].old) and logging in.
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      Re: getting empty desktop

      Can you login as anyone else like a test account ?

      But yeah I agree .. rename the user profile folder to bob-old or bob1 and then create a new profile folder for that user calling it what its meant to be called and windows should then create a new profile in that folder...