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Robocopy permissions copy

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  • Robocopy permissions copy


    I used Robocopy to copy a large amount of files on a windows 2003 server to a different location on the server however the security info didn't go with it.

    To verify if I just want to force the security info to copy over from the old to the new folders is the following command correct?

    Robocopy f:\home g:\home /SEC

    Will this force the old permissions to overwrite the new folders permissions? Also will this replace any inherited permissions on the new folders if the old folder didn't have inherited permissions?


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    Re: Robocopy permissions copy

    The /SEC option should copy the security permissions, but I usually use the /COPYALL option instead. Try that and see if it works.


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      Re: Robocopy permissions copy

      I thought I had already had it copy the SEC info but apparently not so the users have already been in the folders doing work. I am afraid the copyall would create problems.

      Thanks for the confirmation on the /SEC and wish me luck.


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        Re: Robocopy permissions copy

        OK, after rereading SEC = copy: DATS which includes data, attributes, timestamps and NTFS ACLs....all I need is the NTFS ACLs NOT the data.

        Made it over a couple of hurdles.

        Ended up with ROBOCOPY F:\Home G:\Home /E /IS /COPY:SOU /XX

        I am hopeful that this will include all security info for all files and subdirectories.
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