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  • Problem Undeletable File

    I've run into a strange problem with an undeletable file.

    I run a script (xcopy) each day to back up a volume on a Novell Netware server to a s2k3 R2 machine which is also my Domain Controller. Last week the DC began locking up in the middle of the backup operation. Logs revealed nothing useful, all access to the server of any kind was unsuccessful, requiring a hard restart.

    Friday I logged onto the actual machine and ran the script and some performance counters. All was well until a particular file was reached, wherein the backup froze along with all I/O to the network.

    The file in question is a PDF file with a Hebrew name. When trying to delete from Windows GUI I get the error "Cannot delete file: Cannot read from source file or disk", from the command line I get "The specified path is invalid".

    Any ideas how to delete the file? I'm having to use NT Backup to back-up the Novell share in the meantime, it was more convenient to use a script.

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    Re: Problem Undeletable File

    Chances are that this is due to disk corruption. NTBackup (in my view, preferable to a script that just copies files) can be configured to skip this file - however you should investigate the root cause asap. Depending on the age of the disks you may want to consider swapping new disks into the array (you are using RAID aren't you?) and/or running some disk diagnostics (and RAID card diagnostics). If necessary you can format your data volume and restore it from your backup (you do have a separate data volume don't you).

    Have you tried to delete the file from Novell?
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      Re: Problem Undeletable File

      From another angle you could try this.....

      Its worked for me on occasions....
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        Re: Problem Undeletable File

        I have managed to delete the file.

        On the w2k3 server I'm connecting to the Novell server using the Microsoft Netware IPX/SPX client. From any machine using this client the file cannot be read or deleted.

        Today from a Windows98 VM using the Novell Netware client for windows as opposed to microsoft, there was no problem in deleting the file! It seems there is a bug in the Microsoft Netware client?

        I don't want to install the Novell client on my w2k3 server so I guess I'll just have to back-up from the soon to be decomissioned Netware server with NT Backup.