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Lost One Drive in Mycomputer

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  • Lost One Drive in Mycomputer

    Hi All,

    We have one server with windows 2000 sp4 . During the work hours users reported me they can't access the k drive(shared).When I opened My Computer the drive was disappeared from the list. I checked the event viewer and I found warnings something like "dmio: Harddisk0 write error at block 411779656: status 0xC000009A"
    this. How can I bring back the drive???.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Lost One Drive in Mycomputer

    More info, please
    Is this a partition or volume on a RAID array, or on a single, non-RAIDed drive

    How old is the drive?

    IMHO, act on the assumption a drive is failing and back up to a new one ASAP!
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      Re: Lost One Drive in Mycomputer

      Sounds like a faulty drive to me...
      Just replace the disk and restore the data from backup..... Errr you do make backups do you?
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        Re: Lost One Drive in Mycomputer

        Thank you guys for the quick reply.

        We have backups . It is dell power edge 1600c with perc/4c raid controller.The drive is a simple volume . I used the dell open manage and it tried to rebuild but it failed.

        Dell Openmanage says predictive failure (yes) with an yellow exclamation mark.



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          Re: Lost One Drive in Mycomputer

          Hi All,

          The server have perc4/sc raid controller and 2x36 gb hdds.The Os is installed on disk0 and the second drive is used as simple volume. Now we want to move the disk0 conttent (system volume) to a new 73 Gb HDD.The disk0 contains a eisa configuration partition and system partition.We want to mirror the new Hdds.

          How can I do it??



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            Re: Lost One Drive in Mycomputer

            I would strongly recommend that you take this opportunity to implement RAID (at least RAID 1, or preferably RAID 5), rather than using single hard disks. RAID is usually considered essential in a production server to protect against data loss due to hardware failure.
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