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Remote desktop on W2K3

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  • Remote desktop on W2K3

    I have very strange problem.
    Icant do RDP on one of my servers2003.
    I have checked, RPC, LAN, Netview, ping, RDP from that server.
    everything seems to work fine, logs are clean.
    But I still cannot RDP on it. Any suggestion?
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    Re: Remote desktop on W2K3

    Are you trying to connect *to* the server from another computer, or to another computer *from* the server? Where are you logged into physically, and which are you trying to login to over the network?

    Have you checked that remote desktop connections are enabled on that server and that they are allowed in the firewall?
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      Re: Remote desktop on W2K3

      ok I wasnt explicit enough...
      I am trying ti connect to server from my station.
      when I go and log locally everything is ok.
      First thing I checked that remote is enablem on that server,
      firewall is down.
      from my station I can ping that server, it shows in net view, I can access via \\servername\shared folder.
      from that server I can ping everything else, I can RDC to other server or whatever.
      Only thing that is not working is RDC from my machine, or any machine to that server.
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        Re: Remote desktop on W2K3

        run netstat -an | find "3389" on the problematic server.
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          Re: Remote desktop on W2K3

          There was a bug some time ago in one of the Updates that caused this to happen. A reboot of the Server cleared the RDP stoppage and remote connections were then possible.

          Also check how many Remote Sessions are open/being used. Logon locally to the Server, Task Manager, Users tab and Disconnect any Users names there. You may be using your 2 RDP connections.
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            Re: Remote desktop on W2K3

            thanx all
            reboot helped.
            strange thing I rebooted once and nothing happened.
            should reboot twice
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