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replication problems after restore

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  • replication problems after restore


    currently have two servers, both running Active Directory (Server 2003)
    but one had a little problem, so that, I have restored it this morning back to 10th of July 2009, (monthly backup)

    so currently, dc1(primary) will not receive any updates from dc2(slave).

    As i have replmon opened for both servers
    dc1 (the restored domain controller)
    DC, Default -> Update USN: 1499218
    Replication Failure: Changes have not been successfully replicated from DC2 for 3 attempts.
    Replication Failure: the destination server is currently rejection replication requests.
    and the time.

    DC, Default -> Update USN: 7188586
    Replication Failure: Changes have not been successfully replicated from DC1 for 54 attempts
    Replication Failure: The reason is: The target principal name is incorrect.
    and the time.

    so that, i did a "dcdiag", and it reported that replications inbound and outbound is disabled, to correct run the repadmin options dc1 -disable_in(andout)bound_repl
    but still fails to replicate.
    but that, replication inbound and outbound are disabled again.

    and that, i just tried browsing dc1, '\\dc1\' from run
    and recieved "logon failure: the target account name is incorrect"

    help please, as it is primary/master DC of my dept, and running profiles, printers.
    and i can't seem to work out whats wrong.

    if anymore more information required from me, then please ask!

    so that i noticed it has paused netlogon too, which is why i couldnt connect to dc1 by file explorer.
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    Re: replication problems after restore

    How did you restore?


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      Re: replication problems after restore

      So I left dc2 online during restore, and i use symantec ghost to basically take a disk image, so basically restore the disk image.

      but before i restored, i taken an image of the disk.
      but due to lots of problems with replication and netlogon services being disabled, rejecting updates from dc2, i restored the todays image back on, and everything seems to work fine.

      but we still have dns problems, which may caused the replication problems, but even that, dc1 just rejected requests. had alot of "database error" too..

      so i dont really know, never done a restore before... so this is a bad experience of restoring a server...

      so whats the best way of restoring an month old backup (disk image), making sure dc1/dc2 replicates to eachother properly?