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bulk install of snmp service, looking for pointers

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  • bulk install of snmp service, looking for pointers


    I just got the request to install snmp on all our servers that don't already have it. A collegue already gave me a simple script to set the community strings directly into the registry. So, the only challenge I have left is to figure out if there's an easy way to do this.
    My enviroment is mostly 2003 with some 2000. Unfortunately most of these are application servers from customers, very few if any belong to a domain. I do have an openview server to distribute and launch things.

    Does anyone know of a clever way to handle this? I'd rather not do a manual install if there's a better alternative.

    Any pointers would be apprieciated.

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    The closest thing I came up with at the time was:

    1) Create snmp_answer.inf file with the following contents:
    Accept_CommunityName = MyCommunity:Read_Only
    Any_Host = No
    Community_Name = "MyCommunity"
    Contact_Name = "John Doe"
    Limit_Host = Host1, Host2, Host3
    Location = "Pao Alto"
    Send_Authentication = Yes
    Service = Applications, Internet, End-to-End
    Traps =
    (change the settings to reflect your environment)

    2) on the target computer run:
    sysocmgr /i:sysoc.inf /u:snmp_answer.inf /q
    If the computer knows where to locate OS installation files, the process will run without user intervention, otherwise it will ask for OS installation files location.
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      But OS installation files location is a registry setting. So...

      Thanks Guy, I think this will help a lot!