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Accessing Website internally

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  • Accessing Website internally

    I am not sure where this should be posted, but it is windows server 2003 using IIS. Please move to where it needs to be if needed. I have a website hosted on a webserver that has a private IP address for an internal network. That is connected to a switch and the switch is connected to a Cisco Pix. I have NATing on the Pix to translate my public IP to the Private IP set on my webserver. I do not have active directory or DNS installed on the network. Both Servers and 1 desktop are part of a workgroup. All computers are using the 1 DNS server from my ISP, and 1 DNS server where my DNS records are kept. Everyone can access the site outside the internal network, but I can not access it from internally on the desktop. I also can not access it from the web server itself that has IIS and website content. I have tried public and private IPs in the URL address bar and have tried the URL FQDN and nothing resolves. I can get to every other page out on the internet. So what is the deal? I am not that great with IIS so I dont know if the problem lies there or with the network in general? Any thoughts would be great.


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    Re: Accessing Website internally

    Figured out the Problem! Here is the solution for anyone that cares or has this problem in the future:

    Never have host headers for the main website using a particular IP Address.
    For example: uses uses as well, and as a result must have a host header record of “” so IIS knows to go there if someone types that into the browser, even if it redirects to uses as well, and as a result must also use a host header of

    (the main site should never have a host header record)