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Efs file shanring

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  • Efs file shanring

    Dear All

    I create lab with Single Domain Controller and install Certificate Authoriy (CA)

    Services on Domain Controller. no roaming profile no other service accept iis for auto enrollment

    User on domain encrypt their file on computer

    My Question is that when as a domain user i encrypt file or folder and share this file and add some
    active directory user certificate on that EFS file So only that user can open or read these files on that computer its worked fine only on that computer but its not working on network share location user on remote pc trying to access the file getting access denied error.

    i want EFS file to share over network but it can not worked simply
    any one have the solution for this.

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    Re: Efs file shanring

    Computer account where the share is needs to be trusted for delegation in AD.


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      Re: Efs file shanring

      thanks Very much.