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How do I add Server 2003 system as a BDC to a NT 4.0 domain?

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  • How do I add Server 2003 system as a BDC to a NT 4.0 domain?

    I have an NT 4.0 domain that is not going anywhere. We recently added a 2003 server running Terminal Services to allow remote users to RDP into the network. The problem is, I can't get the 2003 server to replicate with the NT 4.0 DC in order to synch up the user profiles.
    I have been able to establish local profiles that will connect to network resources by first having the user account log in locallyto the server, then log in through RDP, and finnaly changing the profile type. However, that method will not work for my remote users.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't think you can, I'm not entirely positive, but from top of my head I want to say that you cannot have a 2003 act as a BDC in a NT4.0 domain.

    It can be a member server but nor the PDC or BDC (especially since those roles/terms don't even exist in 2003 environment, it's either DC or member server).


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      I was afraid of that. Thanks for the reply though.