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  • What type of backup

    Hi all,

    What option should I use for my DC's when using NTbackup?

    Backup everything, selected files, or system state. I guess I'm trying to find out which one of these will work that will get me all my data back as far as Active Directory and so forth? Basically I just have my user/server/machine data that I would want back in the event of a disaster.


    What can I use to get the DC back to it's original condition before the failure? Would doing a system image backup be better, or would the NTbackup be sufficient?

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    Re: What type of backup

    The answer, as always, is it depends.

    If your DC is a DC and nothing else (I.e. no hosted applications) then all you need to get AD back is the system state. You'll also obviously want to backup all the user data, shared folders etc and any application data.

    My philosophy has always been backup everything and only remove it from the job if it causes issues. Certain temp files are well known for this, DHCP databases being one and some AV porgram temp folders too.

    Image based solutions are often quicker to restore, especially things like Backup Exec System Recovery which can drop images on to the bare system (Bare Metal restore I think they call it) and some can even do it to different hardware. BESR is one of these I believe. It all depends on your SLA for getting things back after a disaster compared to your budget, as BESR is not a cheap product nor is Backup Exec, especially when ntbackup is free.

    And any good backup strategy includes regular testing of a restore and how long it takes to get back up so you are always prepared for the worst. It's like Murphy's Law, the one time you forget your toolkit is the one time you need it. So it goes with backups, untested ones are needed and tested ones aren't, and a disaster scenario is not a good time to hit problems.
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