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    i have a win2000 server but in this i am cannot connect to windows updates pls give a solution for this i configured dns server also....

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    Re: updates

    bhsubbu, you have given next to no detail in your question. Please post as much detail as possible regarding your setup. I refer you to the forum rules -

    Originally posted by Forum Rule 4
    Carefully write your question, provide all the necessary information, spell-check it (if possible), and preview it before posting
    Please, if you want us to help you, you need to help us to do that.

    How have you configured the DNS server?
    What DNS server have you configured?
    Can you access any other website from this server? Can you access any part of the Microsoft site from this server?
    Details of operating system edition, service pack, configuration?
    Domain? Workgroup? Domain Controller?
    Type of network connection and details of network setup?
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