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  • Further information needed

    Since I'm not a CS expert, I would appreciate further details as to:
    1. how do I get the DNS and Gateway settings from a DHCP client?
    2. how do I write a logon script to do an IPCONFIG /release and IPCONFIG /renew.



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    To get the settings (I assume you mean IP addresses) of the DNS & Gateway, while connected to the network, go to the Command Prompt (Start, Run, type cmd, click OK) and type ipconfig /all and press enter.

    If you set the option in the Internet Protocol Properties page to Obtain IP address automatically and the Alternate Configuration page to User configured (with the appropriate IPs & Subnet Mask), you should not need a script to IPCONFIG release/renew. IP will be obtained from DHCP server for the Internet Protocol Properties. When you connect to the other network, the first DHCP server is not detected so it defaults to the set IP of the Alternate Configuration. Just make sure the Alternate Configuration IP is an Excluded IP on that newtwork's DHCP server.
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      I still miss a point. Your last sentence seems to suggest a point I have no control on. You write: "Just make sure the Alternate Configuration IP is an Excluded IP on that newtwork's DHCP server".
      My primary configuration is my employer's network. How do I know that my home's IP is defined as excluded on my employer's server?
      Or else, should I run an ipconfig on my employer's network, define it as my alternative configuration, and make the change on my home network.
      If the second option is chosen, how do I define "excluded" on a home network server?