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files and folders permissions

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  • files and folders permissions


    Could someone please help me with the follwing query:
    I have copied the users home folders from one domain to another (we are in the process of migrating from one domain to another one) and the home folders map to the users username. Is there a tool to bulk change the files/folders permissions so users can access their home folders and the contents therein. In other words how to change the permissions on every home folder (and subfolders) form domainOLD\username to domainNEW\username.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: files and folders permissions

    Command line utillity named SubInAcl should be able to help you

    You can get it from

    When you install it, run it from cmd with subinacl /help. That should help you get started. I think there is a switch /migratedomain .Play around with it, it can probably do the work from you, helped myself few times when I had mixed permissions and similar stuff


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      Re: files and folders permissions

      If home folders and usernames are identical in name.

      use following command

      for /f %a in ('dir /b') do subinacl /file %a /grant=%a=F
      for /f %a in ('dir /b') do subinacl /s %a\*.* /grant=%a=F

      Use this command to revoke the old permission
      instead of grant=%a=F use /revoke=olddomainname\%a