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WSUS to configure based on IP Address

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  • WSUS to configure based on IP Address

    Hello Guys,

    WSUS expert advice needed. I am planning to install WSUS on Win server 2003 [e.g. xyz] which is a member of different domain and wish to distribute patches to 100 remote servers which are primary domain controller of their own network and are connected to data link.

    xyz server can communicate to remote servers by their WAN IP addresses.

    Installing & Configuring WSUS on xyz will distribute patches to remote servers using IP address ?

    Please advice.

    Thank you.

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    Re: WSUS to configure based on IP Address

    You will need to configure a GPO to tell the clients "where" they need to retrieve their updates from. If they are outside of the domain then you will need to amend there local GPO with the address of the WSUS server http://wsusserver . Objects are then added to the unassigned container in WSUS and you would need to move them accordingly. The clients MUST be able to talk to the WSUS. Wether it recides locally or remotely is transparent to the WSUS server.

    As long as a route is present, resovleable, and the WSUS server is advertised on the port its installed on (usually 80 or 8530 8531) assuming the relavent ports are forwarded then their is no reason why that configuration should not work.