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active directory name

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  • active directory name


    I have a customer with a windows 2003 server, with 10 users a at one location and 2 at a second location.

    I put in a site to site vpn between the two locations using a pair of cisco 851's. I got it working but I ran in to a problem where the name of their active directory domain is and it turns out that the it is a real web site online that they don't own.

    So from the remote location if I ping by name I get a response from a real world IP instead of an internal host on the network.

    My question is to change the active directory domain from to .local do I have to go through the whole directory rename proceedure with a second 2003 member server?

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    Re: active directory name

    To be honest that shouldnt matter as you can build the VPN using the IP address's and not the domain name. The AD domain will not be routable from the internet assuming your using NAT and are firewalled (which il assume as you have 2 Cisco DCE's 800 series). You may have to split your DNS at some stage but that will be dependant on what domain names you will be using on the internet.If you must change the domain name it would be better to rebuild the domain from scratch. You will potentially encounter a myriad of issues if you try to rename the domain and DC's.
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