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  • remote assistance

    Hope someone can help

    I'm connecting to a an XPHome Edition from XP pro. Both PCs are on cable broadband and both behind a NAT/Router I have setup on the HPHome end PC for the router to pass the 3389 port that remote assistance uses to the correct internal IP of the destination PC.

    When I receive the invitation I manually change the IP address using notepad to the one of the WAN side of the router and I Can Connect. However when I do the toolbar in the remote control window does not apepar and I cannto take control of the XP home PC.

    Any ideas


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    Much as I hate to suggest doing something the "non-microsoft" way , have you considered using VNC as your remote control client?

    It is probably more flexible and would definitely be easier to set up

    Just my 0.02 worth...
    Tom Jones
    MCT, MCSE (2000:Security & 2003), MCSA:Security & Messaging, MCDBA, MCDST, MCITP(EA, EMA, SA, EDA, ES, CS), MCTS, MCP, Sec+
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      i have considered VNC but I did not think it would work if going over broadband and a router at the other end.

      Right now when I use ms remote assistance I get the other person to first look up their external IP address on the router and then invite me from their PC. THe invitation arrives with the internal IP address which I then change manually to the routers external IP. On the router I then setup port forwarding and I can connect. With VNC what port does it use as if I can get it to talk over the NAT then I would prefer to use it however I found as its so bandwith hungry it does lag big time on broandband


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        I'm not going to even bother...

        Answer to your VNC question:

        port 5900 (default)
        Brad Bentley


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          that was not hard

          thank you